Why should you recycle an old tie to make a dog collar?

A dog collar made out of a neck tie can be made as a unique or creative alternative to traditional leather or nylon collars.

It can be a fun and quirky accessory for a well dressed pup.

Neck ties are often made of soft and comfortable materials making them a good choice for dogs who are sensitive to rough and scratchy collars.

Neck ties are often made of silk which is an incredibly flexible and strong material, did you know that pound for pound silk is stronger than steel?

Let your imagination free, make beautiful bows and bandanas to match all from one tie as can be seen in the photograph.

Buy designer ties from charity shops, for an inexpensive designer collar, the one we used was worn and damaged but turned out great.

They look beautiful on your dog, unique and one of a kind.

Most of all it is good for the environment, the environmental advantages of Upcycling are enormous. In addition to lowering the amount of waste materials that are disposed of into landfills annually, it lessens the need to produce new items and reduces air pollution, greenhouse gas, emissions and water pollution.

There are some excellent tutorials available to show you how to make a dog collar from scratch this is one of my favourites